Tradition and technology happily coexist in the music of guitarist Michael Carenbauer. His repertoire ranges from Bach to contemporary American music. He began playing guitar at age 19 while attending Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. He received a performance degree in Jazz Guitar from Berklee College in Boston, where he studied with jazz great Pat Metheny, and a Masters of Music in Classical Guitar from the University of South Florida. He is currently Professor of Music and director of Guitar Studies at the University of Arkansas/Little Rock. Michael has performed internationally in Italy, France, Austria, Mexico, Canada, and Hong Kong. His original compositions and arrangements for the guitar and guitar synthesizer were featured at the Chitarra 98 Festival in Montreal. He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards for music performance, composition, and education, including a Faculty Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Arkansas/Little Rock and a Fellowship for Music Composition from the Arkansas Arts Council. His progressive use of technology in teaching was acknowledged with the first place award in the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's first Teaching with Technology fair.  He has served as a presenter on multiple occasions for at conferences and conventions for the American String Teacher's Association and the Guitar Foundation of America.


excerpts from professional endorsements...

Radko Tichavsky, Director of School of Music, Universidad Regiomontana, Monterrey, Mexico

  "Michael Carenbauer's course was very motivating for our students in two ways: because of his great human quality and receptiveness, along with his ability to communicate; and his professional and unconditional commitment to teaching."

El Norte, Monterrey, Mexico

"el artista demostro un dominio que se transformo en un inspirado mensaje musical."

Philip Hii, Director of Guitar Studies at Delmar College and Corpus Christi University, Corpus Christi, Texas; editor of the guitar forum for the American String Teachers Association..
"Like a fine actor, Michael Carenbauer is able to assume all of the necessary characteristics of a role, and deliver it with conviction." 

Gene Bertoncini, jazz recording artist, instructor at Eastman School of Music, former NBC staff guitarist on Johnny Carson's "Tonight" show...  
"The popularity of the guitar makes it necessary for music departments to seek out teachers-performers versed in all aspects of the guitar, a most difficult task indeed...Michael Carenbauer is such a person.  He has full command of the classical guitar repertoire, and is a fine jazz guitarist...he is a dedicated teacher with a giving, open mind to the differing levels and musical directions of his students."

Norman Fagan, Commissioner of the Department of Culture and History of the state of West Virginia...
"The enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge Michael Carenbauer projects is electrifying and inspiring to future musicians, as well as appealing to the audience".

Stuart Work, Director of the National Cathedral Middle School, Washington, D.C...
"Outstanding!..One of the best musical events we have had at the school in a long time..Mr. Carenbauer brought them into the performance with warmth and humor..."

Annette Hall, Head, Department of Fine Arts, Univ. of Arkansas/Monticello

  "The recital was outstanding!  You played so beautifully with sensitivity, attention to detail and flair...thank you for being such a dedicated musician and role model to our students...

John Ellis, Director of Stifel Fine Arts Center, Wheeling, West Virginia...

  "Thank you again for your sensational performance at the Stifel Center...your excellent rapport with (the audience) contributed to the enjoyment of the evening...

Gerald Klickstein, Co-Director of the program for guitar at the North Carolina School of the Arts

"Michael Carenbauer has grown to represent the leading edge in guitar pedagogy and will set new standards for excellence into the 21st century."


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